Building a Greater Lakeland, Together.

My Vision for Lakeland

Our city is a living entity, in need of constant attention, support and investment to ensure continued prosperity and growth. Living and working in this great city has given me the opportunity to see the boundless potential it possesses. Lakeland is a great city, a beautiful city that is home to great people and thriving businesses. But if we are to continue that trend we must not just look for new improvement ideas, we must also look for better ways to put those ideas into practice. My vision for the city of Lakeland is one of job growth, increased safety and a greater efficiency within our government. This city has no shortage of talent, no shortage of ambition but often our biggest obstacle is ourselves. As I talked to people throughout this city, who live, work or own businesses here, I repeatedly heard concerns about Lakeland falling behind other cities and missing out on key opportunities. Having served the citizens of Lakeland and Polk County as a law enforcement officer and now as a small business owner, I consider myself heavily invested in this city. I chose to run for Mayor because I want to introduce fresh ideas and a new approach to a local government historically hindered by inefficiency. Fellow Lakelanders, if we continue to do things the way we have always done them we should expect little more than what we already have. Lakeland is a great city and while it works well for some, we can make it work better for ALL of its citizens. Join me in this path to a greater Lakeland and consider making me your next Mayor. Let’s work together to make Lakeland an even better place to live, work and play.
Thank you,

Signature of Christopher Diaz, the best candidate for mayor of Lakeland

My Core Commitments


As the only mayoral candidate with a background in law enforcement, I have both a comprehensive strategy for improving public safety and the experience to assist our law enforcement officials in that process.


As a small business owner living and working in Lakeland, I understand the challenges and opportunities associated with doing business in our city. There are several key areas we can improve that will foster growth in both small and large businesses and make Lakeland a better place to work.

I believe that while job creation is important, we must attract new business sectors and higher wage opportunities for our citizens.


We will explore every opportunity in search of new, cost effective ways to improve the services Lakeland Electric and develop additional services, such as municipal high speed internet, that would benefit businesses and residents alike.

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Until the General Election on November 7, 2017